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Kameron Westcott

Kameron Westcott may be most recognized from her time on The Real Housewives of Dallas on BravoTV, but her influence goes far beyond the produced scenes that were captured on this program. Although her girly personality is just as flamboyant in person as it was on the show, there is a deeper meaning behind Kameron’s desire to embrace pink. In fact, she is most inspired by celebrating women who have made contributions to society and feels that embracing pink is one of the best ways to continue celebrating these individuals.

Living in Dallas, Texas, Kameron Westcott has been living in Texas since attending college. She received her degree in Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University, where she was also part of Kappa Alpha Theta. Following graduation, she remained in Dallas, and began her online business, BabyLou Pooch Couture. She also created SparkleDog Premium Dog Food, which provides grain-free, gluten-free food for dogs. Kameron believes that dogs should have nutritious diets that help them live their best lives. 

Throughout her lifetime, Kameron Westcott has also been a long-time contributor to various charitable organizations and has organized numerous events. Visit her website to learn more!